How to Order Custom Presentation Materials

Follow these guidelines for best results designing and specifying custom-made products.
Use this page to guide you through our website.

1. Select a Product.  Product List
    • What do you need to package?
    • How will it be presented, in person or mailed?
    • Consider the thickness and amount of items you plan to place inside.
    • How much and how long will it be used, you may want to consder our more durable styles
      or stronger materials.

2. Specify Your Project.

You will need to decide the following specifics to complete a project.
Fill out as much of the form as possible.
    • Product Code:  Ask us to quote on several different products.  Product List
    • Quantity:  Ask us to quote on up to 4 different quantities.
    • Cover Material: Materials vary widely in cost. We'll help you budget.
    • Printing Method:  View our samples for inspiration.  Sample Galleries
    • Artwork/Design:  How will you supply your art?  Art Preparation Guidlines

3. Formulate a plan with us.
This is best done on the phone: 1-800-296-4321, Mon-Thurs 9-6 and Friday 9-5 e.s.t.
We will help you decide on the specifics, as far as product, quantities, pricing, scheduling and art prep considerations, to best meet your needs.

4. Design Your Project.
Verify that we support the design program you intend to use.  Design Programs.
For best results, we recommend using our product templates to accurately lay out your product design.


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