Company History

1973 - 1985: From Screen Pressing to Patents Pending was founded by Steve, Dave, and Mack Gentile in the basement of their home in Arlington, Virginia in 1973. They opened their first storefront in 1975, offering screen printing on a variety of products such as posters, metal signs, decals, and plastic items to the Washington Metropolitan Area. During that time, they came up with the idea of imprinting on premade folders; a game changer for their business. By 1980, the company—now incorporated as Gentile Brothers Screen Printing Inc—had moved to the Shenandoah Valley to open a folder-specific manufacturing facility.

The 1980s continued to be a time of expansion and innovation for Gentile Brothers Screen Printing Inc., from a national “Postcard Pack” advertising campaign in 1985 to successfully filing for U.S. Patent #4,636,179, which covered both the Rolodex Card file tab folder style and the FT-107 File Tab pocket folder-- a folder style that remains popular more than 50 years later.

1990 - 1996: The Dawn of the Cyber Age

In the 1990s, Steve Gentile took an interest in the World Wide Web as a commerce platform, prompting the company to purchase the URL in 1996 (a full two years before Google was founded). This prompted a business-wide rebrand to Folder Factory, Inc. to move the company into a modern, streamlined, folder-focused future.

2000 - 2005: Awards and Accolades 

From 2000 – 2005, Folder Factory, Inc cemented its position as a cornerstone of the customized folder business, earning six awards from the Printing Institute of Virginia and a prestigious Certificate of Merit Award from the Printing Industries of America.

2018 - 2021: Growth, Expansion, and Merge

In 2018, joined the BIGNAME Commerce family alongside; expanding the product catalog for both customized and plain products along with a fresh, modern redesign for the website. That family grew again in 2021, when BNC merged with JAM Paper & Envelope to become JAMBNC under the guidance of private equity firm TZP Group.

Today, offers one of the largest selections of custom printed folder styles available on the internet. Beyond two-pocket folders, our product range extends to customizable clipboards, certificate holders, report covers, and mailers. Free samples are available for most customized products, and shipping is free on all orders over $99 and all custom orders.

Our reputation for innovation, quality, and personal service is well known to customers ranging from the smallest businesses to Fortune 500 companies. After 60 years, our services and attention to detail remain some of the most trusted in the industry.


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