Foil Color Guide:

Foil adds a polished look to custom print folders. Foil printing and foil
stamping for folders involves the application of heat, pressure, and
metallic or non-metallic film to create stunning results. If you're looking
to add a touch of flair to your artwork, foil printed folders are a great
way to achieve it.

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Metallic Foil

Metallic foils have a dazzling shimmer and come in a variety of striking colors like Gold, Copper, Silver, Fuchsia, and Teal. They're superb for adding luminosity elements to your custom printed folders. With eye-catching appeal, they evoke a sense of chic, quality, and flawless classic elegance.

Non-Metallic Foil

Non-metallic foils include Antique Pearl, Burgundy, and Pine. The use of deep, solid foil colors for folders can vibrantly enhance your print work. A subtle hint of gloss complements these intense shades. Non-metallic colors add classy opulence to your custom folders without the "pop" effect of metallic foils.

Don't See the Foil Color You're Looking for?

Call us at 1-800-296-4321. Many additional colors, shades and types of foils are available on a Special Order basis including Holographic Patterns, Matte Finish Non-Metallic Colors, Pastel Colors, Pearlescent Colors, and Tint Foils.

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