Foil Color Guide:

Bring your brand's unique flair to life with our Foil Color Guide. Choose
from an array of stunning foil colors, from classic gold and silver to vibrant
emerald and ruby. Tailor your folder to fit your needs and create a lasting
impression with every use.

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Metallic Foil

With a spectrum of vibrant, shimmering colors to choose from, make a statement that resonates with your brand's personality. Our advanced printing technique guarantees sharp, enduring results, transforming ordinary folders into extraordinary branding assets.

Non-Metallic Foil

Choose from a range of rich, elegant colors to create eye-catching folders that highlight your brand's uniqueness. Our top-tier printing technology delivers clear, durable results, transforming your folders into remarkable brand statements. No shimmer here, just a subtle gloss.

Don't See the Foil Color You're Looking for?

Give us a call at 1-800-296-4321. Many additional colors, shades, and types of foils are available on a Special Order basis, from holographic treatments to pastel and pearlescent shades.

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